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telepedagogy's Journal

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The arts and sciences via television (i.e. there's always a program about Stonehenge on).
american dialect society, anacolutha, anamorphic widescreen, armchair aerospace engineering, arts funding, billionaire technocrats, bloodless/bloody coups, bonapartists, brass knuckles, broadcasting/narrowcasting, cable in the classroom, celebrity interviews, celebrity narration, channel surfing, confabulation, david fucking hume, deutsche welle, dialectical materialism, digital cable, dinosaur reconstruction, disaster coverage, documentaries, dokumenta, econometrical speculation, educational television, factual films, fred rogers, hedge funds, heinrich schliemann, herodotus, historical dramatizations, historical reenactments, home videos, hypothesized evolution, indoctrination, induced seizures, jonty hearndon, language management, learning from television, local access television, market research, media studies, mediae, mediagenic distortion, mediascapes, meta-semantics, miniaturized bioreactors, misquoting churchill, monarchists, monolith fetishization, nonfiction, officially approved subject matter, oligarchy, performance culture, pornographic liminality, pre-socratics, programming lineups, propagandism, pseudoarchaeology, public broadcasting, public relations in fiction, purported "prime" time, received pronunciation, retrospective falsification, sexy tragedians, simultaneous substitution, so-called great performances, sober imperialism, stock footage, supermassive black holes, syndication exclusivity, telethons, televised pseudoscience, the future is wild, the history channel, the military channel, the ovation network, transmissions, treasure hunting, tycoons, tyrannical soundbites, varieties of sleaze, walking with..., warmongering, will to power